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As related to a cost effective mass housing solution.


About Us

n'Kozi Developments (Pty) Ltd dba n'Kozi Homes is a start-up innovative company led by Joseph Feigelson and has been registered as private Company in Cape Town.

A Final Patent has been granted in South Africa and the principal is in favor of discussing FRANCHISE opportunities worldwide.

Brick and mortar structures are the norm for almost all housing in South Africa. Small profit margins associated with low-cost brick and mortar housing projects have often resulted in inferior workmanship. Consequently, there are few satisfied occupants of these new homes, many of which are plagued with rising damp, cracking masonry, lack of adequate insulation etc.

Traditionally these "box-like" like structures have no insulation or natural air circulation; they are hot in summer and cold in winter resulting in unnecessary health related problems.
Beneficiaries of these houses, in many instances within the affordable low-cost sector, have refused to continue to pay the rent and this has resulted in the present state of affairs.

The maturation of the SA Pine industry over the past decade, now makes timber a suitable, cost effective construction material, thereby facilitating n'Kozi Homes timber framed structures to make an impact in the entire housing market. Our technology is unique, has a provisional patent, and has no competition with similar design. We have completed the design and development of our first product, allowing us to offer a larger,insulated, better and less expensive dwelling structure compared to the normal "box-like" structures.


n'Kozi Homes' vision is to play a significant role through the delivery of integrated housing solutions in a region whereby citizens live equitably, free from poverty and the suffocating grip of underdevelopment and the control of energy and information. A region where adequate access to basic needs, technology and information for development is secured by ensuring appropriate access for civil society to effectively participate in the Global Information Society (GIS).


n'Kozi Homes' mission is to contribute towards "greening" the environment through the delivery of integrated housing solutions whereby the free and equitable flow of information and the deployment of appropriate technologies and knowledge networks are applied to enhance and deepen citizen's rights, access, usage and participation towards an open society.. In doing this to become a leading provider throughout the region, of innovative, practical, energy efficient and affordable (less expensive than any conventional structures) geodesic structures suitable for traditional housing as well as the government subsidized low-cost housing sector, holiday homes, clinics, schools, resorts, agricultural buildings, game reserves, tuck shops, spaza shops, granny flats, thatched gazebos, storage facilities etc.,.

n'Kozi Homes is focused to invest in energy efficient housing, and in the development of strong communities through the support of community development financial institutions and socially conscious venture capital funds.

n'Kozi Homes has incorporated the delivery of clean, efficient, sustainable and renewable energy technologies to meet the energy needs of under-served populations, thereby reducing the environmental and health consequences of existing energy use patterns.

Future plans envisage:

The development of (gated) energy-efficient communities consisting of clusters of affordable units of approximately 33-99 square meters each, clustered around communal facilities that would include laundry facilities, communal meeting and recreational facility, Information, Communication and Technology facility as well as a Picnic/Park/Braai area.
It is our policy and intention to deliver solar and where relevant, wind power as standard offerings. We envisage that the beneficiaries of our products will not have the choice, solar and other applicable sustainable alternate energy would be the norm with our product offers.

The development and delivery of integrated "Smart African Villages" whereby n'Kozi Homes will provide the backbone for enabling technologies in alternative and renewable energies as well as incorporating Information and Communication Technology (ICT), thereby contributing towards bridging the "digital divide." The gap between those with access to and knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and those without is significant. n'Kozi Homes' intends to use the power of ICT in their business and developments which can help bridge the Divide.

Social Responsibilities and Skills Development Programme.

n'Kozi Homes will train and empower certain of its construction crews to train additional crews in order to create new jobs. We will also encourage and promote business people to affiliate themselves with our organization so as to encourage entrepreneurism and eco-preneurism through the manufacture and sale of our products. The construction of the n'Kozi Homes will be outsourced. This will create new small enterprises as well as job creation.

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