Geodesic The Concept
As related to a cost effective mass housing solution.



4. Objective

5. Production Method

6. Assembly Method

To find a method of utilizing the minimal amount of conventional building materials to produce a simple, efficient and cost effective structure that has wide application within the context of housing and related requirements.

Select the most appropriate of the polyhedra to meet the requirements of the objective.

In order to do this, let's go back to the Icosahedron and examine some of the properties;
Look at the 1-frequency dome below, you can see that it is made up of fifteen triangles, whereas the full Icosahedron has twenty. Also notice that a 1-frequency geodesic is just the unsubdivided generative shape;

Notice that this truncation, (the removal of the lower five triangles) provides a natural truncation by allowing a flat pentagon shaped horizontal plane;

This unsubdivided generative shape will retain its strength and integrity providing that the structure is secured to the horizontal plane;

This truncated Icosahedron now has 15 equilateral triangles;

This can be constructed one of two ways;

Firstly by using a connector and single struts, this method we shall ignore as the associated expense and performance is outweighed by the by creating self-supporting equilateral triangles made from 3 struts, to form a triangle.

The triangles would have to then be constructed in a manner that when joined to each other, the required plane is created by the angular cut on the outside face of the strut.

Production Method

1.) Assume a dimensional material that is squared and of a predetermined length.

Materials Required

45 Precision -cut pieces @ (x) meters length; made from 23 pieces squared material; e.g. 76mm x 76mm x (x) meters.
You can start with 25 pieces and leave 5 pieces un-ripped for the base struts of the 5 triangles forming the length sides of the floor.

Tools required (if working with wood)

Table saw with sufficient blade size to rip through material.
Radial Arm Saw

2.) Rip material through center point at the right degree off vertical.

Congratulations !
You now have the necessary materials in the right format to build your structure!

Note: It is ideal to always have a full set of tools on hand for eventualities! Air compressors with nail/staple gun as well as a glue gun are welcome additions.
Use a jig or template to pre drill holes for the threaded rods that will be used to secure the triangles to each other.

If your intention is to build a closed structure, now is a good time to frame in windows as well as additional support pieces/triangles. You can also apply whatever outside materials you will be using as a cover for the structure. (It is easier to work on the ground.)

Assembly Method


The minimal requirements would be a five sided pentagon floor on a secure foundation. Each side of the floor should match or exceed the length of the struts used.

Hardware Requirements

Threaded galvanized rods, matching washers, lock washers and nuts. Two across each side is recommended; 30 pc's not counting the floor.

1.) Temporarily support a base triangle with the apex at the top, in the perpendicular position and leaning slightly outward.

2.) Align the next triangle with the apex down and the base at the top.

3.) Align the pre-drilled holes and the planes and thread with the galvanized rod and finger tighten with the washers in place.

4.) Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 until all 10 base triangles are in place.

5.) Temporally support the apex of a roof triangle with a long support stick from the center of the floor while the base is aligned to the top of the wall section.

6.) Align the pre-drilled holes and the planes and thread with the galvanized rod and finger tighten with the washers in place.

7.) Repeat steps 5 and six until all the triangles are in place.

8.) Shake the structure to spread the weight distribution and fasten all threaded galvanized bolts with ratchets.

Congratulations !!! That's it!

Notes: Without the assistance of a crane, hoist or forklift, the job is easier with three people.

Remember to account for the weight factor if you add any materials for roofing when it comes to

lifting the roof triangles into place.

As with any construction project, make sure you

have extension cords, ladders, drills and bits, skill

or circular saw etc.

Often the material for covering the structure can be

cut to size on the ground and installed in place.

Be careful, apply all safety precautions,

have fun and enjoy your new space.

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