Geodesic The Concept
As related to a cost effective mass housing solution.


Photo Gallery

This page will be updated frequently with different structures in various stages of completion… please revisit frequently!

Click on photo to see larger shot.Portable outdoor DJ booth for the Vortex Easter Festival 2003 held annually in the Helderberg of the Western Cape. The 3 meter (length of sides of the triangle)structure was assembled in less than two hours with three people. The front top panel served as projection screen.






Constantia Waldorf Prototype

1 Unload.jpg

1 Unload

2 Numbered pieces.jpg

2 Numbered pieces

3 Completing the floor.jpg

3 Completing the floor

4 Cemcrete and isoboard.jpg

4 Cemcrete and isoboard

5 Framework with Isoboard.jpg

5 Framework with Isoboard

6 Isoboard.jpg

6 Isoboard

7 Interior ceiling.jpg

7 Interior ceiling

8 Finish exterior.jpg

8 Finish exterior

9 Oh Joy.jpg

9 Oh Joy

Picture 10 Bottom view.jpg

Picture 10 Bottom view

Picture 11 Side view.jpg

Picture 11 Side view

Picture 12 Rhinoboard.jpg

Picture 12 Rhinoboard

Picture 13 Interior.jpg

Picture 13 Interior

Picture 14 Interior 2.jpg

Picture 14 Interior 2

Picture 15 Exterior 3.jpg

Picture 15 Exterior 3

Picture 16 Sliding door.jpg

Picture 16 Sliding door

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