Geodesic The Concept
As related to a cost effective mass housing solution.



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n'Kozi Homes currently offers one entry level model of up to 44 square meters ("ICOSA 1") with an optional internal mezzanine addition. The ICOSA 1 has a 3 x 3.7 meter addition that accommodates the front entry door (provided), toilet (provided), shower (provided), bathroom door and window (provided), Kitchen sink (provided). The main ground floor area is undivided providing versatility but is designed to accommodate double bed and pedestals, 2 clothes cupboards, lounge suite, and entertainment center.
Please continue to come back to see our newest designs that will be added on in this section.

Plan Section

Our Architectural Plans
1- Plan
2- Plan Section
3- Mezzanine and Elevation Plan
4- Plan Dimensions
5- Panel
6- Addition Details
7- Wall Detail

The above excluding the mezzanine option together with electricity hook-up (2 light fixtures), sewage hook-up turn-key will sell from R20,000 and up, placing n'Kozi Homes in a most competitive situation.

Indications from end users who have seen the models are positive and they are ready to accept the design and concept. Many have suggested that this is the African design for the new millennium

Our Newest Design

1- Plan and Elevation

2- Boundary

Alternative Energy

Solar Hot Water

Photovoltaics (PV) (Solar Electricity)

Waterless Toilets


Solar Hot Water

SOLARDOME SAis the first and most established Solar Manufacturing Plant in Southern Africa, with more than 38 years manufacturing experience. Due to their initial success, a company was formed in 1973, manufacturing solar water heating components. This early start has enabled a steady growth, resulting in a stable production oriented company. Their main emphasis is on the production of super durable systems for the best prices possible, direct from their factory to you.

Solardome SAis the established company you can rely on to guarantee your savings. Save about 50% on your average monthly electricity account, with a guaranteed Solardome solar water heating system. Become independent with a choice of solar electric systems for free electricity from the sun with their extensive solar electricity product range. Maximum efficiency systems with minimum maintenance!! Install your solar water heater as a 'pre-heater' to your existing hot water cylinder or as a 'stand alone system' with option of electrical element and thermostat back up for extended rainy weather days.

Attractive Solardome solar water heating systems are expertly designed to blend in with the building's facade wherever possible. Solardome systems are suited for all areas.

For freezing conditions they manufacture Heat Exchange indirect systems to combat freezing of the pipes. For more information, visit our Solar Water page.

In partnership with SolarDome SA, ( n'Kozi Homes has developed a cost effective passive solar water heating system. The cost of the passive solar water heating unit would retail for R2600 per unit.

See the amazing Sunstove ©on the SolarDome SA website.

The Sunstove, which since 1992 is being manufactured and developed in South Africa, is today the best solar cooker worldwide in several key respects.
You can also visit and learn about the history and other amazing aspects of the Sunstove.

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