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As related to a cost effective mass housing solution.




Here is an opportunity to play a part in the solution to the housing situation which if not resolved can only lead to further civil unrest, crime escalation and even more horrendous AIDS statistics


Concept: A world's first: delivery of Sustainable, Smart Modern African, Digital Eco-village (SMADEV)

- Modern deliverables for the 21st Century (Solar, photo-voltaic, biogas and waterless applications)

- Job creation and entrepreneurial opportunities

- Poverty Alleviation

Developers, Real Estate Companies Local municipalities and especially the public are looking for new exciting innovative alternative development initiatives that work. This project represents an opportunity for Corporates to exercise their Corporate Social Responsibility budget, to brand their name in a positive way and leave a lasting legacy.

The n'Kozi concept offers positive workable alternative solutions to the challenges faced by the existing type of housing developments and those that are currently practiced by developers.

The delivery of these homes will create skills transfer leading to job creation and entrepreneurial opportunities resulting in poverty alleviation.

It is important that you consider the n'Kozi structures for a number of reasons:

These include:

-The importance of increasing the range of housing opportunities available to the demands of the growing populace.

-An innovative, energy efficient, cost-effective and affordable housing delivery mechanism.

-Aesthetically pleasing and mildly reminiscent of traditional African structures.

-Turn-key solutions (Project linked)

-Solar and biogas innovations

-ICT infrastructure.

Perhaps the "Housing Crisis" is more an economical crisis with millions of families who simply cannot afford a "normal" house, no matter how cheaply a builder tries to build it..

Joseph's goal is to develop Smart Sustainable Modern African Digital Eco-Villages (SMADEV) which will serve as:

-Blueprints for a Model Village development that can be rolled out in all Provinces as well as other countries on the African continent.

-Cultural, Tourist, Health and Eco-Villages would serve as a tourist venue and highlights. Tourist accommodations can be offered within the scope of the developments.

-Please also visit Joseph's other website Kitchen Garden.

Revenue streams for SMADEV would be obtained through tourism, sales of agricultural produce, handicrafts, arts and entertainment and cultural foods.


A development for a targeted community (defined in any way except racially) that provides amenities for living comfortably, affordably and in harmony with nature through *indoor and community organic gardens and permaculture landscapes. The focal point would be a community centre with a laundry facility, meeting and recreational facilities with outdoor park/picnic facilities. Other optional community facilities could include a crèche, a frail care centre, swimming pool, gymnasium, jacuzzi, etc This would be surrounded by clusters of n'Kozi homes that are 33 m2 to 99m2 houses depending on the community. The community would also have an ICT centre where those who do not have computer facilities at home could visit to the ICT centre and purchase cellular air time, do email, browse the Internet and order groceries online that would be delivered to the community centre thus saving transport and hassles.


Our philosophy is an evolving discourse between people and their environment, technology, structures, space, and the meaning thereof. If Architecture is the building of a cultural ideal, then the poetic integration of technology into real spaces, for real people is an appropriate goal for our times. We address each aspect as a critical exercise in which our understanding of architecture and urbanism may be extended, or revised altogether.

We cannot solve 20th century problems with 20th century thinking, we need new and innovative approaches that clearly distinguish between providing solutions or contributing to problems.

Almost all evidence points to the fact that any community with sub-standard housing is also a community with poor health, a high incidence of infectious diseases, high crime rate, low family stability and low moral standards. Under such conditions, attempts at improving health, education and social responsibility are destined to fail.
The reverse is also true insofar that an improvement in housing conditions leads to a spontaneous attempt at improving living conditions with quite a pronounced "knock-on" effect.

We all realise that it is no longer feasible to waste precious fresh water for sewage and we need to develop without waterborne sewage by using waterless toilets that saves fresh water and costly infrastructure.

The benefits of a n'Kozi structure:


-Fire resistant

-Weather proof

-Unique African style

-Premanufactured and easily transportable

-Cool in summer, warm in winter (Insulated)

-Scalable, Spacious (Multitude of uses, eg classrooms, clinics, etc)

-5-10 days to build

-Eco- friendly light weight building materials

-Portable - simple disassembly and reassembly

-Free lights for life (Optional)

-Free hot water for life (Optional)

-Waterless Toilets (Optional)

-Modern African Style

-Thatched roofing (Optional)

-Cultural painted exterior (Optional)

-Available in kit form

-Agrément and SABS



-DIY kits from R10,000

-Erected shells from R1000 per m2

- Turnkey with options from R2000 per m2

Basic introductory model is 33 m2 (shell includes 2 windows, interior/exterior door and waterproofing.)

A turnkey 33 square meter structure including a passive solar hot water system and photovoltaic solar panel for 5 electric light system, kitchenette and toilet sink and shower. from R2000 per m2

A 5 person crew can build a shell in 10 days or approximately 30 per year and with 10 crews operating this would provide 300 "shells" per year, which would be a profitable exercise as well as impact the housing situation.


Although our structure now qualifies for formal financing through banks or similar due to our NHBRC certification, this is still costly with disproportionate administration costs. NHBRC regulations do not apply to someone who builds for his own cost and own use.

We have established that a relatively large number of employers would be prepared to help their trusted employees obtaining a decent home, but would not necessarily be prepared or able to pay the prices of completely new homes, nor give a loan with dubious security for it.

The employee accepts that a certain amount is deducted from his monthly salary/wages to a total which is equal to the sum made available by the Employer for the building of the basic shell. The Employer holds the Deeds as surety and controls the repayment by salary/wage deductions. With co-operation on the part of the Employers this would enable thousands to get housed.

In a nutshell

n'Kozi Homes is the brainchild of inventor, provisional patent holder and eco-preneur, Joseph Feigelson. n'Kozi therefore has propriety technology that provides an integrated solution for the number one demand product in Africa, namely energy efficient housing.

In short, the technology and system uses conventional SABS and Agrément approved building materials and solar innovations. This allows for the provision of comfortable and more than adequate shelter for a multitude of uses. The product provides more volume over a larger surface area using less material than any other system while using fewer materials and providing the strongest structure known to man.

A minimally trained crew of 5 people can produce a turnkey 33 square meter structure including a passive solar hot water system and solar electricity that give free warm water and free electricity for life within a few days.

The first prototype models are available for your inspection. The Waldorf School in Constantia Cape Town is using the structure as an after-care facility. A show house, corner of Fisher and Gunners Avenue, Epping 1 in Cape Town has been completed for you to view.

The National Technical Director of the NHBRC (National Housing Bureau and Registration Council), Fred Wagenaar remarked that the n'Kozi concept was the most innovative concept he had seen in the last 32 years that he had been evaluating innovative housing

Joseph Feigelson was nominated and accepted in two categories for The Tech Museum Awards in the Economic Development and Health categories. The Awards honors individuals and organizations that are creatively applying technology to benefit humanity. Joseph was the overall Grand Prix Winner in 2005 for Excellence in the Innovation and Sustainability Awards.

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